Updates: Medical Bill Solved + Two Vacuums

From the reader dealing with a medical bill issue:

“I talked to the lab and they are apparently happy to accept my insurance’s $464 check, so, hooray? Now all I have to do is sign over a check from our insurance company to a third party and stick it in an envelope and mail it off to a random PO Box in Charlotte. WHAT COULD POSSIBLY GO WRONG. — J.”

And an update from me, who received a new shipment for my vacuum this weekend after having my first package go missing. I was tracking the new shipment online and made sure to be home to receive it Sunday morning. The package appeared larger than it should be and when I opened it, there were—inexplicably—two vacuums in it. Sure enough, when I looked at the new order, it noted that there were two vacuums being sent to me free of charge. I’ve decided to give the extra one away to a friend, or donate it to the Salvation Army.



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