Whoops, the $522 Haircut

Here is a nice harrowing tale for your Friday afternoon. The hilarious Carlye Wisel at Awkward City decided it was time to get an adult lady hairdo at a fancy salon. The only problem was she did not ask how much it would cost before she sat down in the chair. It was $522. Plus tip. CHILLS:

I scheduled an appointment, asked for “I don’t know, ombre’s kinda played so something similar”, drank a bunch of lemon waters, tried to make the staff laugh and two hours later, walked towards the receptionist with the farmer’s market, organic, freshly picked-version of bouncy lady hair.

And then I was pronounced dead on the scene after having a heart attack.

Now, this is completely my fault. I never asked prices. I don’t even know how much this stuff usually costs! This salon is, like, a celebrity haven — but due to my naiveté, I had no idea it would be $522. And that didn’t even include tip, which was practically another hundo. And, while you’re wondering how irresponsible I can possibly be, or how poor with money I’ve become, it’s not that. I straight up made a newbie mistake. My inexperience didn’t clue me in to any of the warning signs that this might set me back a lifetime of paychecks.

I have done the same thing before — decided to go with highlights and lowlights say, instead of the much cheaper all-over color, then waltzed up to the counter afterward to be hit with a $250 bill. Or once my regular hair dude was unavailable and I went with someone else at the salon, forgetting to make sure his rates were similar. NOPE.

Something tells me Carlye will never make this mistake again. And may all of us think of her the next time we are feeling too sheepish to bring up pricing.



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