Friday Estimate!

My first Friday estimate! This week is so full of excitement. Well, last weekend was pretty spendy: we were in Austin, TX, for a wedding, and though we shared an Air BnB and a rental car with friends, and got communal groceries so as to be able to eat as many meals as possible at home, we still had to pay for cabs and flights and food. (Trader Joe’s Whole Foods in Austin has bison! I tried it. It tasted like roast beef.) (I’m a really bad vegetarian these days. But what’s a happier meat than bison? It’s like free range by definition.)

You know what else Trader Joe’s Whole Foods in Austin has, at least the big-ass flagship one downtown? Walk Around Beer. Ninety-nine cents per can.

Anyway, by contrast, this weekend looks to be pretty low-key. We’re staying put and there’s nothing doing for Mother’s Day. With the other members of my Not A Book Club (#nabc), I’m going to see Rachel Kushner speak at the Brooklyn Public Library. Free. Then my other book club is meeting on Sunday to discuss the pretty damn great novel Americanah at an outdoor bar. Since I don’t drink a lot, I’ll be sitting self-consciously sipping water. Fun! Also free.

We’ll probably take baby girl to the Y, the park, and/or the playground. (Free, free, and/or free.) The only real wild card is that it looks like Ben and I will have a Night Out to ride roller coasters, courtesy of a very generous friend. I doubt we’ll spend more than $100 total. Factor in groceries etc and I’ll put the estimate at about $150.

What are your estimates? Are you preparing to pay through the nose for Mother’s Day, or yet another May wedding?



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