Friday Estimate

Good morning! Who is looking forward to the long weekend (for our large Canadian readership: Monday is Memorial Day in the U.S.)? I know I am! We’ll be ending earlier today and taking Monday off. Let’s get to it!

I’m looking forward to having this being a quiet long weekend since I haven’t had a quiet weekend in a while (plus some buddies and I spent some good money at Russ and Daughters CafĂ© earlier this week, and Logan and I had dinner at Mission Cantina.) I’ve got some errands to run (picking up a package from UPS, writing and sending cards to Billfold readers who’ve paid off their debt), and will be having dinner with some friends this weekend whom I haven’t seen in quite some time. I may actually use Monday as a catch-up-on-work-day though. My estimate is $200.

What are your estimates?

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