Here Is Your Open Thread

Meaghan: WE MADE IT THROUGH THE WEEK! Well, almost.

Ester: So exciting! I even feel pretty good about how it went.

Meaghan:Yeah! Me too, in that we wrote All The Posts and the site didn’t break. I think my main takeaway is that being Mike Dang is a lot of work. I don’t think I ever truly realized.

Ester: It is so true. But he will blush if we talk about him too much so let’s move on.



It’s Friday, comrades! It seems Amazon has patented “shooting against a white backdrop,” Spotify has taken down that silent album (but not before it made $30,000), and the internet at my local library branch was busted this morning so I am blogging from home on an exercise ball. The future is weird, I’m going to go make a snack. Thanks for another great week!



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