Job of The Day: Cheerleader For The Jets

Well I am officially crossing “NFL cheerleader” off of my dream jobs list. (LOL)

As a new lawsuit from a former Jets cheerleader, or excuse me, member of The Flight Crew, reveals, the NFL does not reward its cheerleaders as handsomely as they do their football players. Krystal C., the woman filing the lawsuit, was paid $150 per game and $100 for special events. Pretty terrible in and of itself. However:

“The cheerleaders are required to work ‘off the clock’ at home, attend rehearsals three days a week from May through December without pay, attend ‘charity events’ without pay, and are required to spend their own money on travel, uniform maintenance and cosmetic and hairstyling requirements set by the Jets,” the suit says.

They’re also required to show up three and a half hours before game time, and to stay 30 minutes after the end of the game, the suit says.

Practices were held three times a week, and lasted about three hours, and the cheerleaders were required to keep practicing at home, the suit says.

All told, Krystal C. was paid “an average of $3.77 an hour — or $1.50 an hour after out-of-pocket expenses.” Out-of-pocket expenses include their mandated upkeep of hair, makeup, nails, etc. Poor Krystal has naturally curly hair, but the Jets required her to keep it straight (???!), which meant $45/week on styling.

I am sure that cheering for the Jets is an honor for many people — a dream! — but sisters need to unionize or something. Damn.



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