Make-Your-Own-Cocktail Bars at Weddings Now a Thing

When it comes to weddings, it can seem like there is nothing new under the sun. Mashed potato bar where you fill up martini glasses with cheddar, chives, and bacon bits? Ethiopian food buffet complemented by buckets of injera on each table, thoroughly confusing the elderly Jewish guests? Karaoke? A Simpsons theme? Done and done (and I mean done). If you can’t provide your guests with an original experience, though, at least you can let them have fun — like by mixing their own drinks!

“We started seeing the mimosa bar concept popping up and decided to create one for a workshop we participated in with juices and fruits that perfectly compliment our wine,” said Megan Robinson, Art Director + Product Development for ONEHOPE Wine. “The image taken at that event became the number one pinned mimosa bar on Pinterest, with questions from countless users from how to purchase one to advice on creating their own.”

So the company decided to create a product that would streamline the process. Since launching the package last month, the ONEHOPE Mimosa Bar has become the company’s best selling gift/hosting item online, said Robinson. A set including 6 bottles of ONEHOPE Brut Sparkling, 5 carafes, 4 fruit bowls, 1 muddler, 1 muddling tray, straws, carafe tags and fruit cards is currently being sold for $179.

Pro: Save on the costs of a bartender. Con: Kids could sneak drinks and also not know how to “muddle” them properly. I guess it’s a toss up. When faced with a bar, kids, remember, pace yourselves. Jen Doll advises one drink of water per every self-mixed mimosa.

The wedding I went to this weekend in Austin, TX, did not have a Make Your Own Cocktail Bar. It did however provide guests with beer brewed at home by the groom. There’s nothing like getting drunk on the joy of others.

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