Monday Check-in

Good morning! I am manning the ship while Mike is doing trust falls on his work trip this week. Let’s check in!

Friday night I moseyed down to the fancy grocery store near me and got some ice cream and overpriced ingredients to make pizza (RAMPS!) ($32). Saturday Dustin and I had breakfast in the park (coffee, tea, muffins: $8.00) and read our respective books (the latest Knausgaard book for me, FREE). After that I went to yoga ($18), then met my friends an early dinner ($18) and ice cream on the walk home ($6 with tip). Sunday I slept in, had breakfast at home, bought some of the last, unexciting supplies for the new human (detergent, bath soap, wipes, etc.: $48) and met Cindy for tea and a life talk ($7). Sunday night we caught up on work and had Dustin’s dad over for dinner (free for me).

Hmm, so in total I spent $137. I did not do an estimate but I doubt I would have estimated that much! *shakes fistful of ramps* How were YOUR weekends?



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