My Last $100: Sick in Boston


 How’d you spend your last $100, Liz?

$5: Two pints of store brand ice cream. freezer burnt, inedible. I complained and got double my money back. I used this money to buy three pints of Ben & Jerry’s. Best $5 I’ve spent in a long time.

$7: (Post!) validated parking by the Charles, to go to the sailing club

$25: Kleenex, Halls, tea, Advil Cold & Sinus

$3.50: Soup at work’s cafeteria

$4: Round-trip T ride

$9: Beer at networking event, left early so I could be in bed by 8pm

$1.25: Shockers (named ShockTarts when I was a kid, way better name) because I passed an old-timey candy store at Faneuil Hall on my way to the T.

$20: Copay to see doctor

$7: (Post!) validated parking by Tufts Medical Center

$7: Post-insurance medication, still unspent actually. Waiting for me at CVS because I’m annoyed that I spent $52 already on this cough. I will begrudgingly pick it up after work today because:

$250: mental cost of waking up to have a coughing fit at 3am for 4 days straight


Liz lives in Boston, and sometimes updates her tumblr.

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