On Class Rage And Green Juice

I love Jami Attenburg’s tumblr, and her post about sharing in some class rage with the woman making her juice today is <3:

She told me about how she used to be a personal chef and would go to the Hamptons every summer with the couple that employed her. She had to shift her mindset when she went shopping for them. If she were shopping for herself, she would have always looked for the bargain. Once she told them, “I didn’t get the tuna because tuna’s so expensive right now.” And they looked at her and said, “Just get the tuna, we don’t care how much it costs.”

Eventually she left them because they started to fight. Who knew exactly why? Perhaps because she resented them a little bit for all they had, and maybe they resented her for her satisfaction with far, far less.

Money can mess you up, we both agreed. What if you didn’t have any desires left? What if you could buy anything you wanted, any kind of food, a house, clothes, car. You could even buy other people if you really wanted. If you had that much money. And you still might not be happy. Some holes are too deep.

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