Snacking Habits of the Post-Millennial

Move over millennials. Marketers are now trying to solve the puzzle of what even younger consumers want to eat. The cohort stretching from newborns to those age 23, dubbed Gen Z, makes up about 32 percent of the U.S. population, and marketers believe these little foodies want things fresh.

A report by market researcher NPD suggests the rising generation is eager to make meals using fresh ingredients without too much trouble—fancy sandwiches, for example—and isn’t averse to using the stove. This is similar to trends among the millennial generation, only to a greater degree. What Gen Z consumers don’t want are ready-to-eat foods and microwavable meals, products that remain broadly popular only with convenience-centric Gen Xers.

There is a lot to love about this Venessa Wong piece in Businessweek. “Generation Z,” first of all. What happens after them? I mean I know climate change is real and happening and we’re screwed, but WE HAVE RUN OUT OF LETTERS. Someone really should have planned ahead with this, maybe started with A?

These market researchers predict that Generation Z will be eating a lot of salad, savory snack foods, and “highly involved” breakfasts. You know what? At the same time that I think this makes absolutely no sense and is based on nothing and I’m also like, Yes, totally on point. The time has come for the side dish as main meal. Let’s do this America. Fuck cereal.

Also I am really excited that we might get to be done talking about millennials soon. I mean not us here at the Billfold since you know, TARGET DEMOGRAPHIC, but maybe the rest of the world.



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