WWYD (If You Were Me), Acupuncture Edition

A genuine and probably too-broad question for the end of the day: Have any of you tried acupuncture and is it ‘worth it’?

My due date is this weekend and at my OB appointment yesterday the doctor recommended that I:

– go get acupuncture to induce labor
– stick 2000mg of Evening Primrose up my you-know-what every day
– have “as much sex as possible”

A bottle of the evening primrose oil pills was $5.80. FINE. Let’s do this.

As for the sex, I am probably going to interpret the “as much as possible” to be, “None, are you crazy?” but TBD.

But the acupuncture? I am intrigued by and supportive of friends who go, and even my DAD (unlikely candidate if there ever was one) was singing its praises for helping him cope with work-related stress. I would definitely be like, “Okay sure” if it was free. But how much is this stuff? Would going to “community acupuncture” for labor induction be kind of weird? What if my water breaks at community acupuncture? Unlikely, but still.

Tell me your experiences!!

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