snowpiercer-trailer-2Perhaps you are aware of a certain blockbuster out now called Snowpiercerwhich has a Metacritic score of 83. In the site’s parlance, that translates to “universal acclaim.” For comparison’s sake, the ape movie everyone’s been waiting for has an 81.

Salon.com calls Snowpiercer “the movie of the year so far” and the NYT is similarly rhapsodic. It’s a sci fi action-adventure epic, of course, because it’s summertime, and that’s what we get in summer; but it’s also very much supposed to be a challenging, interesting, sporadically violent movie about class, in an #EatTheRich kind of way:

A few thousand survivors live in railway cars, sorted into a rigid and ruthlessly enforced social order. In the back are huddled masses fed on gelatinous, insect-based black protein bars and kept in line by a combination of propaganda and brute force. Toward the front, the more fortunate enjoy access to schools, nightclubs, fresh food and the reassurance that they deserve everything they have. An unseen, quasi-mythical entrepreneur is in charge, and a group of rebels have decided to challenge his power and the extreme inequality he represents.

Perfect for the Billfold’s first ever film club? Seems like a yes! So, the question is, what is a good time frame for us all to enjoy this allegory about the 99%? Should we reconvene to discuss it in one week? Two weeks? Should we choose something else instead? Let us know in the comments.



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