And Here Is Your Open Thread

The 4th of July means fireworks and possibly lots of grilling and hot dogs. And if you’re buying them from the store, the package you choose makes a difference!

Alan Richman bought a bunch of hot dogs from various brands and then had a hot dog party and had his guests rate which dogs they liked best. The worst one was Applegate’s Natural Uncured Beef Hot Dog. The best one was The Original Nathan’s Famous Beef Frank. Second place was, surprisingly (at least to me!), Trader Joe’s All Natural Uncured All Beef Hot Dogs, which Richman described as “an exceptional hot dog—the fattest, densest, and meatiest. Plenty of punch.” I’m sold.

That’s it for us today! Go eat some hot dogs! And if you’re a vegetarian, don’t go for the vegan one. Writes Richman: “The vegan variety Tofurky Jumbo Hot Dogs was a disaster, its texture not unlike the sole of a running shoe.”

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