Crashing The Gay Job Fair

5736208414_0b0474666c_zHot trend from SF Gate:

The job market is tough these days – so tough, in fact, that some business schools have been encouraging heterosexual students to attend career fairs for lesbian, gay and bisexual students.

UH-OH. I guess this economy really IS tough! Sheesh…

Matt Kidd, executive director of Reaching Out MBA, said only one of the 15 students from Rice University’s Jones Graduate School of Business who attended the conference in New Orleans last year was openly gay. The event is described as the world’s largest conference of LGBT business students, and it includes a job-recruitment fair. That Rice student “was forced to go around introducing himself as ‘the actual gay guy’ so he didn’t get round-filed with the rest of the school’s students,” Kidd says.

Apparently the recruiters don’t mind if the crashing heteros are genuinely talented, and the organizations don’t care as long as the students are “active allies,”—after all, the point is to foster inclusiveness. But when MBA bros come in saying stuff like, “Dude, I’m not gay,” the whole point of the thing is lost.

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