Here Is Your Open Thread

Who's coming with me?
At LinkedIn, a discussion of what not to do when you quit your job so you can leave gracefully:

There are a number of things employees are known to do once their notice period started, and for me those are the negative top 3:

Gloating – You are off to somewhere supposedly better, but no need to rub it in too much. Your colleagues still want to feel good about their jobs, and management will probably see it as provocation.
Slacking off – Tempting since you feel (and pretty much are) safe, but is it fair on your colleagues? Just because you are leaving does not mean it is ok to simply dump your work on others.
Disloyalty – You think it would be great to let your clients know you are leaving and tell them why they should probably do the same? Nothing can earn you the management’s wrath faster than this. And you would deserve it.



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