Investing a Dollar; Cupcakes Are Out; Our Digital Expenses

Some stories we didn’t get to today:

• From the Morning News: “Two dozen people—a JP Morgan associate, a sex worker, a pastor, a living statue, a marine, ‘the World’s First Publicly Traded Person,’ and many more—tell us the best way to invest a single dollar.”

• Have you heard? Cupcakes are out. From Brokelyn, an essay from an unemployed former Crumbs employee: “We didn’t all love it there, but there were certainly memories to be had of favorite customers, orders and co-workers. The language of Crumbs will be one I will never forget- Devil’s Food, the Squiggle (which customers mistakenly called The Hostess), Signature size versus classic, a tastepack featuring 12 mini cupcakes that could be yours for only $19.95, hearing “How big is 7′?” without laughing.”

• And from the New York Times: “Molly Wood audits her digital expenses, from cloud storage to streaming movies, and finds ways to trim her monthly bills.”



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