Monday Check-in

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Good morning! I hope you all had an amazing long weekend. Let’s check in.

My pals and I packed into two cars and navigated our way through a storm on our way into the woods. We stopped at an Outback Steakhouse where we consoled ourselves with steaks, drinks, and a Bloomin’ Onion ($60). We arrived to our cabin in the woods to discover that the power had gone out due to downed power lines thanks to the storm, but made the best of it with flashlights, candles and glasses of dark and stormies. When we woke up the next day, the power was back on, and we left to have brunch in a little town ($32) before going hiking, followed by tennis and a trip to the grocery store and butcher’s shop for items to grill grilling. We ate, we danced, we played games, and went to bed late. In the morning we made coffee and bacon, egg and cheese on English muffins, and then went out to a lake to get some sun, play some volleyball and go for a swim. We grilled the last of our groceries, cleaned our cabin and headed back to the city. I spent Sunday recovering. My share of groceries, gas, and booze was $78. My estimate was $200, and I ended up spending $170.

And how were your weekends?



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