Monday Check-in

170624474_a4da82c8ce_oGood morning and welcome back! Let’s check in.

Everything went according to plan this weekend: I attended a friend’s birthday party and picked up a book for his kid ($14). I also ordered some supplies for the office ($47), and bought Snowpiercer on iTunes for $14.99, though I haven’t set aside time to watch it yet (hopefully I’ll do it in time for our discussion). I had estimated $100 and spent $76.

How were your weekends?

Side story: On the way to the party on Saturday, my friends and I noticed a big black duffel bag left unattended in the back of the subway car we were in and when we exited, it was still there. If you see something, say something, we’re told, so my friend Elizabeth called 311 and was told to try again later (we would have said something to an MTA employee, but our stop didn’t have a booth). I called the MTA’s safety line and was told to just call the police, so after 10 minutes of trying to report a suspicious bag, we were finally able to say something. So if you see something and want to say something you can just dial 911, though that has less of a ring to it.

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