Monday Check-in

picnicGood morning! Hope everyone had the kind of amazing weather we had here in the city. Let’s check in.

On Friday, I joined a few fellow editors from the office for some beer and BBQ ($32), and then picked up an HDMI cable ($21) so we could stream a film from my laptop to my friend’s television for movie night. On Saturday, I went to a birthday picnic and had burgers ($12.50), followed by some errands and a viewing of Snowpiercer (finally!), which I found enjoyable (when I didn’t think about it too hard). Sunday afternoon was spent picking up a cake from Momofuku Milk Bar ($19 for my share, plus $4 for an iced coffee), followed by another birthday party, which I had to leave early to do some work. My estimate was $150 and I spent $88.50. I was under budget, but I’m also taking Ester out to dinner this week for her birthday (it’s birthday month!), so I’m calling it even.

How did you do?

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