The Postsecrets We Keep

postsecret secretThe anonymous thought-sharing app Secret, which is strong enough for a man but PH-balanced for anyone with a smartphone and opposable thumbs, raised a huge amount of money for expansion purposes by branching out beyond the tech world.

the company also announced on Monday that it raised an additional $25 million in venture financing from a number of esteemed firms and angel investors, including Index Ventures, SV Angel and Fuel Capital. Previously, it raised $10 million. The new funding puts the valuation of Secret, a six-month-old company, at higher than $100 million.

The news reminded me of, and made me nostalgic for, Postsecret, the wistfully adorable mechanism through which people made art out of short, intimate confessions sent through the mail. Scrolling through the site, I was struck by how many admissions relate to money, one way or another:

Yep I'm Poor postsecret


marilyn voicemail postsecret


health insurance postsecret

Yes, actually. Also, wow. Good luck.

It is, after all, so much easier to talk about love, sex, and money from some kind of remove, if what we’re saying is not Facebook-ready. I’ve had several very honest conversations with relative strangers lately and it’s been such a relief, getting to Talk but not having to Talk with close and invested friends. Maybe I’m just prepping for my own Postsecret down the line. Not sure what my confession would be, necessarily. Yet.

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