You Will Totally Believe Everything In This Training Manual For Real Estate Brokers

5239541973_fabcba2543_zA real estate broker with an unnamed firm left his training manual in the apartment of a one Mr. James Bell, who shares the best of it with all of us over at the Guardian. It is, well, it is what you would expect.

Most of the document is sales talk that should seem familiar, from “We have access to all the no-fee apartments in the city” to “That is the biggest place I have seen for that price”.

Other suggestions include “That landlord has the best stuff. When would you like to see it?”, “I have not seen that one, but all the agents are going crazy over it so I advertised it” and “Wow, what a coincidence – the keys just got dropped off at the office!”

Bear in mind, at this point, that, of course, none of these apartments actually exist.

The killer line here isn’t a suggested quote, but the mantra for the agent to keep in his head (emphasis original): “WORRY ABOUT THE APARTMENT LATER … JUST GET THE CLIENTS INTO THE OFFICE.”

Also included are ways to inject false urgency into the situation, instructions to always show prospective clients apartments out of their budget, and to never show an apartment to a husband whose wife is not present.

Also, um: “Please do not date clients until after we rent them and collect the broker’s fee.”

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