Friday Estimate

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I’m in Rockville, Maryland at the geek+creativity convention Intervention this weekend (betcha didn’t know that the entire day yesterday I was working from airplanes) so my spending will be a little unusual.

Today and Saturday it’ll just be the cost of hotel food*, but Sunday I’ll have to pay for the incidental costs of flying back to Seattle, including checking two bags because I’ve got a merch booth at Intervention and that means I get to haul my merch across the country.

So I’m guessing $80 for three meals each on Fri/Sat/Sun, and then $100 for checking two bags at the airport and then paying a taxi to get those awkward, heavy bags back from the airport to my apartment.

And probably an extra $20 on a souvenir from one of the Intervention merch booth dealers.

$200 total for the weekend. (I’m also expecting to earn $400 selling merch.)

How about you?

*Hotel food may also include adult beverages

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