Friday Estimate

Firefly_class_shipSince Mike’s away, I’ve got the Friday estimate this week.

The biggest thing I want to do this weekend is absolutely free: I want to finish my library copy of Neil Gaiman’s American Gods (the 10th Anniversary ebook edition that contains 12,000 more words). I think the book is magic because when I opened it on my Kindle, it said it would take me 3 hours and 50 minutes to read. I’m two hours into it—just at the part with the House on the Rock—and my Kindle is still telling me there are 3 hours and 50 minutes to go. Maybe the book is never-ending. With Neil Gaiman, I wouldn’t be surprised.

Tonight, I’m going to a Lit Series event at Seattle’s Hugo House, to hear Mona Simpson, Matthew Dickman, and Carter Sickels. I paid for my $27.40 ticket earlier this week (not $900!), so that doesn’t count for this weekend, but there will be a cash bar, so I had better estimate $10 for a drink plus tip. 

Tomorrow, I’m going to a Sereniversary party at Wayward Coffeehouse, which probably means another $10 for drinks/tip and $10 to tip the musicians.

I’d like to go rock climbing, which will cost about $15 if I can drag myself away from American Gods long enough to haul out to Ballard. Other than that, I’m pretty much stocked for food and other weekend essentials.

So… I estimate $45. I’ll round up to $50 because I can probably find something else to spend $5 on.

How about you?




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