Monday Check-in

12555667804_1e2984b354_zGood morning! Since Mike is on a work trip this week, I’m doing the Monday check-in.

So let’s chat about what we spent!

On Friday night, I spent $53.35 splitting the check on a Tinder date. (You shouldn’t read anything into the quality of the date by the fact that we split the check; I like splitting the check, especially on a first date with someone you don’t really know and met through an online interface—it seems fair.)

We went to one of my very favorite restaurants, but I suspect that for future online dates I will take the official Online Dating Advice and meet up somewhere less expensive, like a coffee shop. Or in the park! I love the park. All parks. I love parks the way some people love dogs.

On Saturday, I explored nature with friends and spent $1.85 on a bottle of water (and felt guilty because I could have brought an aluminum water bottle with me) and $2.92 on mochi. Did you know that not all mochi has ice cream inside? I found that out when I bought mochi that did not have ice cream inside.

I also added $20 to my ORCA card so I could keep riding the bus.

On Sunday, I went to the library and spent nothing.

Total spending: $78.12.

How’d you do?

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