Our Money Daydreams: Befriending Elderly Millionaires & Finding Bags of Gold

Constanza S. writes:

Sometimes I dream that I’ll meet a really wealthy old person who is ignored by their whole family and we’ll become friends and she/he will leave me all their money. I’m thinking we’ll go out to have pizza and ice cream a couple of times and old people usually LOVE ME so that’s probably all it would take.

Then they die and I’m RICH FOREVER. (and sad about losing my friend who I kind of just met but we had a really special connection)

Old Friend

(Full disclosure: Constanza lives with me. Looking over my shoulder as I drew this, she wanted to know why I had rendered her as a random dude. The answer is that I’m not very good at drawing faces that look like anyone in particular, and making a faithful drawing of my girlfriend seemed too hard, so it was a lot easier to just tell the story with this generic fellow.)

From Meredith W.:

The most recent wealth-related daydream I had came after a re-viewing of the classic Anna Chlumsky/Christina Ricci movie “Gold Diggers: The Secret of Bear Mountain,” AKA the best movie of all time and, spoiler alert, it involves being left a giant sack of gold by a mysterious benefactor. I guess it’s the Scrooge McDuck and/or Andrew Jackson in me, but I totally fixate on being able to plunge my hands into my solid, glittering net worth (and probably cackle?).

So, there you have it. Giant bag o’ gold.

Bag O Gold



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