Our Money Daydreams: Huge Apartments and Bustling Hometowns

Jane T. writes:

I find a door in my apartment that leads to a new wing of my very expensive, very small Manhattan apartment. Suddenly, my expensive apartment is a total steal, quite large, and big enough to actually stay forever, whereas currently we joke about eventually putting a baby in a closet.

New Wing

Christine D. writes:

I start a successful environmental retail/manufacturing company and set the headquarters in downtown Buffalo (where I grew up), and then buy an old brick, multi-story office building close by and converting the levels into housing for myself/my family, my parents, and my sister. Buffalo economy is revitalized!


(Apology: I know that the city-of-Buffalo-as-real-life-buffalo thing is a bit facile, but I really wanted to make a block print of a buffalo that I could use in other projects.)



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