Randall Munroe Proves What Would Happen If You Had All The Money In The World

the world's moneyIt should come as no surprise, especially after yesterday’s How Wizards Do Money piece, that I’m an XKCD fan.

If you are only a casual XKCD reader, you might not know that for the past two years—wait, two years? how can it be two years already—XKCD webcomic artist Randall Munroe has been running a second project titled What If, in which he answers reader questions such as “At what speed would you have to drive for rain to shatter your windshield?”

This week’s What If is “What would happen if one person had all the world’s money?” I won’t give away Randall Munroe’s response, but I will warn you: like most What If answers, it ends badly. (We can spoil the answer and discuss it in the comments.)

Also, the official What If book, What If: Serious Scientific Answers to Absurd Hypothetical Questions, released yesterday. I don’t know if it contains additional absurd hypothetical questions about money, but I do know now that asking for all the money in the world is a very bad idea.

Photo: Linus Bohman



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