Read This Guide to Interview Clothes And Feel A Modicum of Control Over Your Destiny

devil wears pradaOmg, there is a Fast Company article has a guide to what color clothes you should wear to a job interview. Ahh! It’s kind of hilarious and I give it as much credence as I would any pop psychology business book.

Green is a color often associated with a sense of calm and wellbeing, as well as wealth and prosperity. Davidson says it’s a good choice for an accent color as it will not only put the interviewer at ease, it will send a message of possibility and growth.

For more creative environments, Davidson suggests wearing a color that pops such as purple or yellow: “Purple sends a message of being artistic and unique, while yellow signifies optimism and creativity,” she says.

Orange, however, topped the CareerBuilder list for the worst color, with 25% of employers saying it was the color most likely to be associated with someone who is unprofessional.

I just met with someone about my writing future and I wore a black dress and an “oatmeal”-colored cardigan. This was not my ideal color palette but um, I just had a baby and will not be attending any professional engagements in anything except for all black. I know I should buy new clothes that fit me and wear color and I will feel better but should should should, I’M WEARING BLACK. I’m mourning the loss of my life.

Apparently black is authoritative and brown makes you seem “slow.” Oh great. I am a slow authority of my own life. Actually I kind of like that.

“All colors can be scaled from authoritative to approachable,” she says.

Dark colors are perceived as formal and authoritative, while light colors make the wearer appear more friendly and approachable. Bright colors convey confidence while muted colors are conservative and less threatening.

And contrasting colors can send a message, too: “The higher degree of contrast–wearing black and white, or navy and white, for example–the more powerful you will appear,” Davidson says. “The lower the degree of contrast, the more approachable and friendly you seem.”

Anyway, the woman in this meeting said that editors are hungry for books about women and finance. I will not be writing that book but if any of you want to, DO IT.



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