Susan Miller Deserves a Vacation

susan millerAs do we all. This interview with Susan Miller on The Cut about her demanding readers, her chronic illness, and her lack of vacation days is BASICALLY AMAZING. That is to say, people are horrible, she is amazing:

I don’t know why they think I should be working for free. I guess because I’ve been giving it to them for free for ten years. What they don’t know is that that was because Apple didn’t allow subscriptions. Now they do. I think the readers know this is the direction it’s going in, and they’re upset. Apple sent a text message saying I had to resubscribe. My eye is twitching just talking about it.

People see it as money-grubbing or taking advantage. But the free part costs me so much in editing. If I can’t make my money back on the app, I would have to charge for And it’s always in my mind that somebody is suffering and they can’t really afford it, so I want to give AstrologyZone away for free. The app is just me really trying to be sensible. Running the site is expensive. I’m not trying to be a multimillionaire. I’m not trying to be Oprah. I’m just trying to make enough to surprise them with new little things. When they’re buying my app, they’re buying it from Apple or Google, who take 30 percent, what’s left I share with the app developer Phunware, then the government takes half of that!

She goes on to say that all news anchors are Capricorns (My moon is in Capricorn, which is what saves me, I think, from being a Cancer with Sag rising), that she had to put $1200 on her AmEx recently to pay for medication, and that she has never had a vacation.

I’d assumed that much like Michelangelo didn’t do most of the actual painting in the Sistine Chapel, Susan Miller didn’t write all of her horoscopes. Not so, apparently!

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