The Next Billfold Book Club Book is ‘North and South’

smoldering passions

When we were discussing Billfold Book Club suggestions the other day, the two books that rose to the top were Dickens’ Bleak House and Gaskell’s North and South.

Everyone who voted Bleak House asked for a few months to finish reading it.

So we’ll start with North and South.

Elizabeth Gaskell’s North and South is a story of workers vs. employers, morals vs. profits, and smoldering passions vs. even more smoldering passions. It is also public domain, which means you can read it on your e-reader or listen to the LibriVox audiobook version on your e-listener for free!

North and South is not exactly a short novel, so I think we should have a bit of extra time to read it. How does Thursday, October 16 feel for everyone? Or would you prefer to chop the book up into sections and discuss a few chapters every month until the end of the year?

Also: yes, there is a PBS miniseries starring Richard Armitage. We will have to figure out how to watch that simultaneously while doing a Google Chat or something. It’s on the GTD list.

Yay Book Club! Y’all are my favorite Book Club, and I am so excited to read this book.



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