Would You Rather Lobby for Russia or Be Sexually Harassed for American Apparel?

star-wars6-movie-screencaps.com-10772Two esteemed US senators emeriti have begun to lobby for Putin’s Russia, which is like signing on to defend the Galactic Empire. But things aren’t so super-great here on our shores either: try to read this account of 20 icky days spent as an employee of American Apparel without wrinkling your nose. There are jobs you hate, and then there are jobs that make you hate yourself. Like giving yourself over Dov Charney’s slimy and racist sexploitation shops or selling out on behalf of a frozen yet oil-rich homophobic plutocracy.

Jane Doe reports:

In retrospect, I should’ve been more wary of a company with a history of outrageous unprofessionalism. What I hoped would be a low-stress, part-time job turned out to be a major source of anxiety and a cesspool of harassment. The incompetent, appallingly racist management and belittling of employees were commonplace, and created a hostile work environment.

It’s unfortunate that American Apparel requires employees to sign agreements saying they won’t speak ill of the company upon leaving. I’m sure that there are many upset employees (including some that I worked with) that are afraid to speak out.

This is why it’s hard to learn from other people’s experiences: it’s so easy to hope we’ll do things, or be treated, differently. Anyway it’s not like there are jobs dangling from the trees like ripe fruit ready to be picked. Sometimes you have to take what you can get and hope for you have developed an immuno-resistance to hostile work environments. Also, things change, often in very strange ways. Work for Playboy! They’re waving a feminist flag high and proud these days.



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