Good Enough Homes & Destinations: What You Get For $539,000

everyone loves an old house Tara Gone With the WindThe best thing ever is when the Gray Lady goes slumming and, for her weekly Great Homes and Destinations round-up, looks at houses for less than $1,000,000. You can tell she’s trying to care about the lives of (relative) Normals and their six-figure real estate, really she is, but her heart just isn’t it. Observe: “The kitchen is a long, narrow room with stainless-steel appliances, rustic wooden cabinets and a high ceiling. Off the kitchen, there is a den.”

After that, there’s only the sound of muffled sobs.

We can do better than that! Herewith, Good Enough Homes & Destinations: What You Get For $539,000. And we’ll focus in on some of those Mid-Sized Cities you all were raving about.

decatur ga

Three bedroom, two-and-a-half bath house with a wraparound porch and American flag in Decatur, GA, for $500,000, via Movoto. Walking distance to downtown and close to Emory. Gorgeous outdoorsy parts, including a huge deck out back, and pretty on the inside too with built ins, a kitchen island, French doors, and “plantation shutters,” whatever those are. Maybe they sing “Dixie” when you close them?


Three bedroom, three bath 2200-square foot brick house ON A LAKE in Winston-Salem, NC, for $539,000, via Trulia. The outdoors are so gorgeous I kind of want to buy it on the spot; I’m a sucker for willow trees. But the inside is stately too: high ceilings, an open plan, columns, built-ins, and “plantation shutters” again, because what Southern house is complete without them. The chandelier in the bathroom, though, is maybe taking things too far.

helena MT

Six bedroom, four bath 5200-square-foot classic brick house in Helena, MT, for $525,000, via Trulia. The house dates back to 1902 and I dearly hope that that clock on the porch does too. (Old clocks: possibly even as sexy as willow trees.) Kitchen island, high ceilings, lots of charm, and walking distance to hiking trails. The drawback seems to be the local schools — this great “So You Want to Move to Montana” Reddit thread explains some of the hows and whys — but with a house this big you can set up your own.



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