Let’s Enjoy Pictures of Men in Suits

suit upAlthough this excellent piece of satire about the power of men in suits to reduce godly women and other interested parties to quivering gobs of lust appeared several months ago, I only stumbled upon it now. (See what I did there?)

Listen, as a woman I’m an emotional creature. I want to feel protected and safe, and nothing screams “I am a MAN and I will protect you” like a suit and tie. I can’t help it, that’s just how I’m wired. It’s science. LOOK IT UP. Now I know what you might be saying: “Well, isn’t it YOUR responsibility to control your thoughts around men?” Of COURSE. We are all called to rid our thoughts of lust. But again, as my brothers in Christ, is it asking too much of you to simply be more attentive to what you wear?

If the purpose of our clothes is to glorify God, how are you doing so by wearing something that obviously causes others to sin in their minds? Yes, it is everyone’s job to control their own eyes, but you ALSO have a responsibility to not give them reason to sin. … But, what if my job requires me to wear a suit? WELL, CLEARLY YOU NEED TO FIND ANOTHER JOB.

In case you too missed this excellent piece of journalism, I offer it now because there is nothing better to do on a Monday morning than gaze adoringly at the Lord’s creation. Also because it gives us an excuse to talk about suits!

They are hard to do right but, when the correct balance is struck, simply devastating.

gyllenhaal suit


daniel craig suit

Oh look, a whole Tumblr of beautiful men in suits! My my. The only thing hotter than a man in the right kind of a suit is a woman in the right kind of suit, amirite? Phew. I need to lie down.



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