The Price of David Sedaris’ Briefcase in 1993, in 2014

Screenshot 2014-10-13 12.47.03David Sedaris, writer of FitBit native advertising for The New Yorker, did an AMA today. Through which I learned that Mademoiselle used to pay a lot of money. And/or probably still does if you are David Sedaris. Probably everything does!

What was the first lavish gift you bought your self with your first large check?

I bought myself, with the very first piece I ever sold to a magazine, which was Mademoiselle, an Il bisonte leather briefcase.

in tiny needling voice

It was in 1993…

I do not know what this leather briefcase cost in 1993 but in 2014 it costs $1528. With shipping, $1565.50.

That though, is a damn fine briefcase. Buying something memorable for yourself with your first big anything falls under Ester’s / late capitalism’s advice to “make purchases feel like experiences.”



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