Black Friday, Black Friday, You Horrid Little Man

Blackadder-old-school-comedy-33036151-1024-768I am not the only person who hums “Black Friday” to the Blackadder theme, right? (I suppose the alternative is to hum it to Rebecca Black’s “Friday” song, but it doesn’t scan as well.)

Anyway, I’ve heard on Twitter that people are already camping out at Best Buy for DEALS DEALS DEALS.

And to those of you currently reading this post on your smartphone while huddled in a tent outside of a shopping center, I salute you.

Specifically, I salute you from the comfort of my home office, where I already got all of my Black Friday shopping done online.

Comedy group Above Average recently sent me this video, which seems apropos:

I mean, there’s still an advantage to shopping at stores in person, right? Especially on days like Black Friday? This is a serious question, since I’m not going out shopping this Friday. I have already taken advantage of DEALS DEALS DEALS and snagged my Black Friday purchase, and like 6 out of 10 holiday consumers, I used Black Friday to buy something just for me.

Technically I bought something with the birthday money my parents gave me and the Amazon birthday money my friends gave me, but yes, I went to Amazon and finally bought myself a FitBit, because I want to be as cool as David Sedaris.

But what about you? Are you reading this from a tent? Or are you keeping it open in one tab while you quickly check on Amazon’s newest Black Friday deal offerings (they’re doing timed deals this year, with a new deal “as often as every 10 minutes”)? Or have you already ordered your Best Buy TV or whatever?

And do you buy Black Friday DEALS DEALS DEALS for yourself, or as gifts for other people?



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