Friday Estimate

This never happens to me on Laundry Day.

This never happens to me on Laundry Day.

It’s Friday! Hooray! Time to do some estimations!

Here’s what I know I’ll be purchasing this weekend:

Groceries: I don’t know for sure how much these’ll cost, but I predict it’ll be around $80. I need to get Frosted Mini-Wheats, bananas, Wheat Thins, soap, conditioner because the dry air is turning my hair into a static poof, sandwich baggies, sliced dill pickles, two loaves of bread, a brick of colby cheese, and Lipton rice boxes. Why does that feel like it’s going to add up to $80? That’s, like, one bag of groceries.

Laundry: $2.50.

Taco Bell: I’m meeting up with some friends to play games, and their apartment is really near a Taco Bell, so whenever I get off the bus I always text them “HEY DO YOU WANT TACO BELL” and nobody ever doesn’t want Taco Bell. So… probably $20. For five people.

I’m also planning to read my library copy of Mallory Ortberg’s Texts from Jane Eyre, which is free.

So… total estimate? $102.50. Let’s just round that up to $120 because who knows what else might happen.

How about you?



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