How People Who Are Also in Musicals Do Work

mean girls jingle bell rockTonight, I’m going to be performing in Molly Lewis’s musical Thanksgiving Vs. Christmas, which, for the purposes of my freelancing job(s), means that I will be spending a lot of time away from my desk for the next two days.

I did the math, and it’s probably going to be from 2 p.m. Pacific Time this afternoon until 8 a.m. Pacific Time Friday morning, minus maybe an hour or two on Thursday morning?

I started preparing for this on Monday, November 10.

Step 1 was staggering my deadlines so that as many as possible pushed into next week.

Step 2 was banking as many pieces as possible ahead of time, including our Thursday discussion of North and South. Sometimes, the game of blogging is writing the word “today” when you really mean “Thursday.”

So, even though you’ll see my name around these parts, and even though I’m absolutely going to log in to the North and South discussion tomorrow, I’m also going to be secretly “sort of away from work” for 42 hours. FORTY-TWO ENTIRE HOURS. I don’t think I’ve taken 42 hours away from my desk during the workweek since February.

If you are a Seattle Billfold reader, and you come see the show, come say hi afterwards! We’ll be doing the standard grips-and-grins line.



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