Monday Check-in

upstateGood morning! It’s officially cold now. Let’s check in.

On Friday, I spent $30 on a train ticket to go upstate, listened to the latest episode of Serial, and then hiked a mile to our apartment rental for the weekend ($61 for my share) to drop off my stuff and sit in a diner and down a burger ($15). I bought a bag of Reese’s peanut butter cups (the best candy; $3) in case some kids in costumes came knocking at the door, and met a friend who took a later train up for dinner at a Japanese/Chinese restaurant in town ($20), before meeting up with the rest of our group toward the end of the night. In the morning, we tried to suss out which one one of us had gotten up in the middle of the night and left our apartment door open, before heading out for coffee and breakfast burritos ($15). We hiked a few miles up and down a mountain, stopped back in town for cupcakes (I abstained), visited a museum ($13), and then went to a wine-tasting where we tried wine made by nuns paired with sausage and butternut squash polenta. We stopped by a cheese shop for triple cream, and gouda, and prosciutto and crackers ($9 for my share), which we ate with wine that we had brought, before heading out into the rain for dinner at a bar ($35), and then crashing for the night back indoors. On Sunday morning we had French toast or breakfast runsas and cups of coffee ($13), and then packed up our belongings and hiked back to the train station and made our way to the city, feeling euphoric about getting out of town, and a little relieved too. No estimate for the weekend; I spent $214.

And how were your weekends?



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