Monday Check-in

taco bellWelcome back! How were everybody’s weekends? Let’s take a moment to see how well we did on our Friday estimations.

I estimated that I would spend $80 on groceries and spent $62.80. It would have been $80 if I hadn’t used my QFC Advantage Card, interestingly enough. My receipt also told me that I had saved $498.52, year to date, by using my Advantage Card. I don’t know if that’s more or less than I was expecting.

I estimated that I would spend $20 at Taco Bell and spent $7.95. The Doritos Cheesy Gordita Crunch, Nacho Cheese Flavor, where they essentially stuff a Doritos Locos Taco inside of a gordita flatbread taco, is extraordinarily filling. It is, after all, like eating two tacos simultaneously.

I estimated that I would spend $2.50 on laundry and I spent $5.00, because I did two loads.

I estimated that I would spend $20 on something else and I spent $16.57 on cookies and chocolates to take to the rehearsal of Molly Lewis’s Thanksgiving Vs. Christmas, a new musical (by Molly Lewis) that is getting a one-night performance at Seattle’s Triple Door this Wednesday. If you are into musicals and you are in Seattle, you should totally come. You will get to see me sing and act! You’ll also get to see The Doubleclicks, who we interviewed on The Billfold earlier this year, as well as Marian Call, Joseph Scrimshaw, Kevin Murphy (aka Tom Servo from MST3K), and a gob of other awesome people.

I also spent $20 on dinner out, so I need to add that in too.

Total spending: $112.32

How’d you do?

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