Putting Your Money Where Your Apology Is

i-carried-a-watermelonIt is as tricky to apologize right as it is easy to make a mistake. (She said ruefully.) I’m not alone, tho! Mallory Ortberg apologized recently as did Dan Kois on Slate’s Mom & Dad Are Fighting podcast. It was a big week for digging yourself out of a hole.

Now, more and more, to prove they’re sincere, famous fuck-ups have upped the ante and started donating to relevant causes. Words are wind, right? But nothing speaks louder than cold hard cash.

Daniel Handler, aka children’s book author “Lemony Snicket,” made a series of racist jokes the other night when he hosted the National Book Awards. Now he is trying to make amends.

After his initial apology on Twitter, Handler further apologized and has pledged to match donations to We Need Diverse Books for 24 hours up to $100,000.

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