The Results of the Money Affirmations Experiment

tumblr_na9053l0wX1qehu0oo8_250Last week, following in the steps of XOJane’s Brook Bolen, I set up a money affirmations experiment.

Here are my results.

First of all, I didn’t say the affirmations every day. I traveled to Las Vegas to play at a comic book festival, which threw off my routine and my ability to remember to say money affirmations. But I did have at least a 70% success rate. Was that enough to make a difference?

I should also add that saying the money affirmations consistently made me smile. Not because I believed they were magic words that would magically bring money into my life, but because—well, they were fun to say, and saying the words felt peaceful and relaxing. I especially liked the part that went “I rejoice in other’s successes, knowing there is plenty for us all. I am constantly increasing my conscious awareness of abundance, and this reflects in a constantly increasing income.”

But did I earn more money?

The truth is that I did earn more money than usual. In addition to my regular freelance workload, I earned $710 at the comic book festival and received some money for my birthday (which was yesterday).

But I knew I would receive that money before I started doing the affirmations. In fact, when I wrote the post last week, I thought “oh, wait, it’s my birthday on Tuesday, guess the experiment will be successful before it even starts.”

I also received more money than usual because it was the beginning of the month, which means that I received payment on a chunk of my freelancing invoices. I received $1,672.81 in invoice money, in addition to the $710 from the comic book festival and the birthday money.

And I also got some new job opportunities, which are likely to translate into future money.

So all in all, the money affirmations were a success, if “success” means “cold hard Paypal cash.” But I didn’t find myself relating to money differently because of the affirmations. A person who was seriously thinking about acting like a magnet for money would have found less expensive places to eat dinner in Las Vegas, for example. (And she definitely wouldn’t have ordered that second drink.)

What about you? Did anyone else do the money affirmations? Any reports from the control or placebo groups? (Technically I think the placebo group can’t report because they aren’t supposed to know they’re doing placebo affirmations.) Share your results FOR SCIENCE!



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