Do 1 Thing Diddy Diddy Dum Diddy Do

If you have goats around, they might be fun for your babyIt’s Thursday afternoon and I’m fried, how about you? My brother and sister-in-law in California just welcomed a squalling new infant child into the world, making me, for the very first time, an aunt. Of a Hannukah baby, no less! Thank god they don’t let labor last eight days.

It’s all very exciting. My one thing is probably to figure out and send their way a present that is:

a) functional

b) not overly expensive, because hahahhaha our financial situation

c) not redundant, because they had a West Coast shower which I couldn’t attend (see above)

and d) able to communicate the giddy joy I feel at the fact that Babygirl finally has a cousin.

I already sent my brother Brian Gresko’s often tender, just as often funny anthology of essays on fatherhood, When I First Held You, which was my gift of choice this year for new dads. Now the baby needs something. I might settle on swaddles like these from Aden + Anais, since they worked so well for us back in those early sleep-deprived days. Some art for the child’s room, maybe? Some protective totem to keep him safe forever and ever or at the very least until I can meet him in March? How much do those cost?

Anyway, happy Hannukah, and if you have nieces and nephews congrats on that too! What’s your one thing?



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