Good Enough Homes & Destinations: What You Get For $300,000

everyone loves an old house Tara Gone With the WindAfter a Thanksgiving hiatus, Good Enough Homes & Destinations is back and better than ever! Or at least is back. So is the Gray Lady, who gives us a peek at what you could get for $900,000. The first showcased property is a one-bedroom, one-bath, because everyone wants to spend almost a million dollars on an upscale efficiency. It does at least come with a guesthouse.

Perhaps you (like so many people, AHEM) prefer Portland?

The entryway is floored with marble, and gives way to a great room. Shoji screens separate the kitchen from both the entryway and the dining area. Stainless-steel appliances updated within the last few years contrast with wood paneling. China and dishware is displayed behind the glass of a large built-in wooden hutch. The living area has a wall of glass facing downtown, Mount Adams and Mount St. Helens. The room also has a fireplace set into a marble wall that runs to the ceiling. What was once a living room balcony has been enclosed to form a sitting alcove with skylights and walls of glass. Off the living room is a sitting area with an arched hutch from Spain set into a wall.

Even arched hutches from Spain want to experience the ’90s all over again. Ah well. Let’s see what you can get for the more reasonable price of $300,000.

Charleston SC

Five bedroom, three and a half bath, 2700-square-foot house in Charleston, SC, for $298,000, via Trulia. Check out those bunk bed porches! Pretty classy, especially with those pillars. I’m a bit weirded out by the fact that the posting refers to “Grand Oaks Plantation,” but from what I can tell it seems to be a kind of neighborhood designation; regardless, this house only dates back to 2003, so no worries about ghosts.

Queen Anne Grand Rapids

Five bedroom, three and a half bath, 3300-square-foot Queen Anne in Grand Rapids, MI, for $299,100, via Movoto. I am a sucker for turrets. This is the real deal, though: over 100 years old, with a porch, a sun porch, and a lovely terrace out back. Oak staircase, big-ass fireplace, and a kitchen to die for. And the bathrooms are … interesting!

dover de

Four bedroom, two and a half bath, 3000-square-foot Victorian in Dover, DE, for $300,000, via Built in 1870! Basically this is the Addams Family manse. Clutter, curtains, upholstered furniture galore; pillows, doilies, little china figurines; but my god the space. The corner lot is nearly 10,000 square feet. Working fireplaces, too.



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