Monday Check-in

sock it to meWe’re back—good morning! Hope everyone enjoyed their long holidays.

Logan came over the night before Thanksgiving and we ordered Thai food ($30) which we ate while she showed me One Direction truther videos on YouTube (the internet is a strange, strange place—but you already know that). On Thanksgiving morning, I went to Whole Foods and spent $79 on groceries to make Friendsgiving dinner. I expected it to be a madhouse, but it was actually nice? I was in and out of there in a flash. Friendsgiving ended with me falling asleep on the couch due to a combination of a food coma and spiked eggnog. I thought I was going to avoid shopping altogether this weekend because, you know, Buy Nothing Day, but I ended up buying socks and underwear online (you have to buy socks and underwear sometime, and you might as well do it while they’re on monster sale; $40). I spent $149 over the long holiday.

How were everyone else’s days off?



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