Sharing Time: How Much Did You Spend on Presents This Year?

and at christmas you tell the truth

It’s time. If you are ready, willing, and prepared, please drop into the comment box the answers to these questions:

1. How much did you spend on presents this year?

2. How much did your most expensive gift cost?

3. How about the least expensive gift?

4. Did you make a budget before you began shopping for presents?

5. If yes to #4, did you stay within your budget?

6. Did you put any presents on a (gasp!) credit card.

7. Do you feel like you spent “the right amount” on presents this year?

My answers are after the jump:

1. I spent $207.09 on presents this year. (Technically I have one gift left to buy, but I factored its cost into the $207.09.)

2. My most expensive gift cost $40.

3. My least expensive gift cost $3.99.

4. I didn’t make a budget before I started shopping for presents.

5. Not applicable.

6. Nope, put everything on debit.

7. I feel like I spent the right amount on gifts this year. I got everyone something they wanted, I got my sister both a real present and a ridiculous one, and I didn’t worry about counting my pennies while I was shopping.

Your turn. Tell us EVERYTHING.



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