Billfold-related Tax Deductions I Might Be Able to Claim, In Order of Whether I Should Actually Claim Them

mad men laughing

1. The copy of Rich Dad, Poor Dad that I bought for the Billfold Book Club

2. The cost of the “Jimmy John’s sandwich knockoff” I tried to make for an article

3. The ticket prices for the movies I reviewed as part of my What the Last Four Feature Films I Saw Taught Me About Money series

4. My monthly Hulu subscription, since I wrote Billfold pieces about Parks and Rec and How to Get Away With Murder (not to mention an entire piece about the Hulu subscription itself)

5. All of my Great Clips haircuts, since I’ve written about my stylist three separate times for The Billfold

6. My Amazon Prime Video subscriptions to Broad City and Downton Abbey, since I’ve referenced both shows in Billfold articles

7. My fall wardrobe, including my shoes

8. My Amazon Prime Video subscription to Mad Men, since I just referenced Mad Men right now

9. Every time I’ve gone to a coffee shop specifically to write a Billfold article

10. Everything I spent on Halloween

11. My renters insurance—wait, I got that in January 2015? Never mind…

12. Any way I could count part of my microapartment rent as a tax deduction? Not because I use part of it solely as a home office space—it’s not big enough to use any part of the apartment “solely” for anything—but because I write about it all the time

13. The cash value of all the Billfold Book Club books I got at the library

14. My library fines, because I was too busy writing Billfold articles to take my library books back (no, these aren’t Billfold Book Club books, they’re just library books, I go to the library all the time)

15. All of the food I consumed while writing Billfold articles during lunch or dinner

16. The cash value of the air I breathed while writing Billfold articles



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