Do 1 Thing, Which if You’re Me Probably Has Something to Do With Taxes

kigurumiIt’s Do 1 Thing time!

Today, my one thing is to email my CPA (again) with a finalized list of all my tax deductions.

I went back and looked at every article I’d written in the past year to see if any of them involved me buying things like coffee or kigurumi. (I decided to deduct the coffee but not the kigurumi, since the latter was clearly a personal expense that I later turned into a personal essay. Also, I felt weird about deducting what are essentially daytime jammies.)

Someday my CPA may ask: “Why do you only contact me on Thursdays?” Then I will get to explain what Do 1 Thing is, and how it inspires all of us to do the things we might otherwise put off until tomorrow.

What about you?



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