Do A Non-1-Direction-Related Thing

-One-Thing-video-screencaps-one-direction-28311975-635-327Thursday is a great day to do that 1 thing you don’t want to do but also don’t want to continue thinking about doing.

Some of you are probably still eating your feelings or nursing your hangovers because of yesterday’s 1D news, and I offer my heartfelt condolences, which would be more heartfelt if I had ever heard their music or even really knew anything about the band. (It’s a band, right?)

But I am sad and sluggish for my own reasons, mostly to do with this endless winter, and I need to shake it off and DO ONE THING. Perhaps write back giving a chipper yes and “what’s the next step!” to my newest potential freelance client? Or do work for one of the other clients who need work done? It is hard when I feel like a great big hand is pushing me backwards on the couch. But that is the magic of ONE THING. By definition ONE THING can and will be done, and then I will feel better about the other things that I may or may not develop energy to tackle, like folding laundry and finishing making the tuna salad that lacks only mayonnaise since I realized while prepping it yesterday that in this house we have three kinds of mustard but no mayo.

What’s your 1 thing? Alternatively, please feel free to add great ideas for me / all of us to get our energy up.



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