Monday Check-in

dirty dancingHi! I’m doing the Monday check-in this week since Mike is out of town, so let’s see how I did.

First of all, I didn’t do a Friday estimate, but I did realize on Saturday that this was going to be a pretty low-spend weekend for me. I spent $10 on a ticket to the Century Ballroom’s 18th Anniversary Party, which got me into a session of both swing and salsa dance lessons as well as a group social dance afterwards. I spent $2 to check my coat and purse during the party, and $12 on an adult beverage.

That was all I thought I was going to spend this weekend, but on Sunday afternoon Patreon sent me an email to note that it had processed my monthly contributions, so I also spent $22 supporting people on Patreon.

Total: $46.

How about you?



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